Finishing Deadlines 2018*


Valentine’s Day                                                              December 11th

Easter                                                                                January 25th

Fourth of July                                                                  April 20


Specialty items (including stand-ups)                          July 20


Specialty items (including stand-ups)                           July 25


Specialty Items                                                                   August 5th

Stocking Cuffs & Simple Ornaments                           October 15th

Self  Cord Stockings                                                        November 1

Belts for Christmas                                                          October 2

* Special items are stand ups with feed added, bows, sparkles, anything extra you would like us to add to your very special canvas.  These items need to be  mailed to a finisher.  Please bear in mind that the later you bring in your pieces, the closer to the holidays you will receive them.  Deadlines mean you will receive your pieces by December 23rd.  If you need your finished pieces sooner, please bring them in before these dates.


Stitched by Kathy

Stitched by Kathy

Stitched by Kathy

Stitched by Kathy

Stitched by Anne

Stitched by Anne